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mwm d484? Yes we can…

mwm d484? Yes we can…

Do you work with the MWM D484? If so, please read on…

It’s been a while since our last post, but that’s because we’ve been very busy here at QIN during Q1 of 2022 with a full order book and lots of new projects to get stuck into – of which more will be revealed during the course of the rest of the year…

Somewhere in the middle of all that, a new Asian contact of ours asked us if we were able to manufacture piston rings suitable for the MWM D484 engine. We were pleased to be able to confirm that we could indeed: it is one of a number of MWM models with which we have become familiar over the years and for which we are able to deliver rings offering OEM levels of quality and reliability, even if we are not the OEM supplier.

And so that new Asian contact has become a new Asian customer! Here’s a picture of one of the first of those ringsets to come off the production line earlier this week.

We’re here to help any more of you who may find yourself working with the D484, or indeed any other MWM engine.

Marine engine piston rings, locomotive piston rings, industrial piston rings, steam turbine sealing rings, power plant engine piston rings, piston rings for diesel engines, piston rings for gas engines: we cover all these applications here at QIN across a bore range which extends from 160mm now up to 640mm.

QIN’s support for your large-bore piston ring requirements is always just a phone call or an email away.

Contact us now at websales@q-in.eu to find out more.


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