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Manufacturing OEM-Quality piston rings which ensure the safe and efficient operation of large-bore engines is, inescapably, energy-intensive work. But at QIN we are always looking for ways to be as environmentally-friendly as possible and to reduce our carbon footprint.

And so, during the course of late 2021, and with support from the EU Regional Development Fund and their Italian national and regional partners, a 160 KWp photovoltaic plant has been installed on the roof of our factory.

This plant will turn the Genoa sunshine into an estimated 206,000 KWh of electricity a year, feeding directly into our production plant and saving emissions calculated as up to 109,368kg of carbon dioxide every year from now on.

So you can be sure when you work with QIN that not only do you have our commitment to providing you with the best quality piston rings at the best prices, but that we will do this in a way which is as friendly to the planet as it possibly can be.

Marine engine piston rings, locomotive piston rings, industrial piston rings, steam turbine sealing rings, power plant engine piston rings: we cover all these applications here at QIN across a bore range which extends from 160mm up to 600mm.

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