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…yes we do those too…!

If you are involved with the repair and maintenance of steam turbines, especially those from the leading manufacturer Westinghouse, then you will probably be interested to know that QIN have a long history of manufacturing the alloy sealing rings which are designed to withstand the extremely high temperatures generated within this application.

Since our days as Industriale, most months find us sending out QIN sealing rings compatible with Westinghouse steam turbines to a worldwide customer base – and we know that there will be a much larger international audience for them. So we have created a brand new technical data sheet to tell the rest of you more about them.

The list of steam turbines within that data sheet for which we have compatible sealing ring designs is not exhaustive, it is just a summary of our most-requested and most-supplied steam turbine sealing rings. Within the Industriale files we hold information on very many more turbines, as well as other sealing ring applications. And where we do not have existing designs we are always able to reverse-engineer products from samples.

If you’ve read this far, then you probably have an interest in sealing rings for Westinghouse (and other) steam turbines. So why not contact us at websales@q-in.eu to request that data sheet and find out more?

Whilst a large part of the work we do involves the supply of large-bore piston rings, be they modern compression rings with chrome ceramic coatings or energised oil scraper rings for marine and power applications, a good proportion of our work involves the supply of other types of rings for other applications – such as these steam turbine sealing rings

Marine engine piston rings, locomotive piston rings, industrial piston rings, steam turbine sealing rings, power plant engine piston rings: we cover all these applications here at QIN across a bore range which extends from 160mm up to 600mm.

QIN’s support is always just a phone call or an email away.