Piston Ring Excellence. Since 1956.

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New website. New brochure. New logo. New vision.

And it’s not all marketing fluff…

Drawing upon our 64 years of experience in the four-stroke piston ring business (starting under our previous name of Industriale S.r.l.), we’re now bringing to the front and centre the very many compelling reasons that our existing customers right around the world already work with us.

in the process, we’ll hopefully be able to persuade some new ones to join them.

Maybe one of them will be you…

As it says on the front of our business cards these days, QIN (or Quality Industriale, to give us our full title) delivers Piston Ring Excellence – proven over millions of engine hours since 1956.

And as it says on the back of those same cards, our 3 pillars of QIN excellence are Advanced Technology on Short Lead Times at Competitive Prices.

From compression rings with chrome ceramic coatings which are compatible with the most modern diesel and gas engines from the world’s leading OEMs to older designs and technology for legacy engines, under our roof you will find 25,000+ piston rings – as well as an abundance of expertise, which is delivered with both an in-depth understanding of the large-bore diesel and gas engine business as well as a friendly smile.

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Or contact us at websales@q-in.eu to find out more about how we achieve our goal of creating happy engineers and happy purchasers wherever we go.