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…if so, then please read on…

There are still 100s and 100s of SKL engines out there, and QIN continues to happily support those who continue to work with them.

Here’s one set from a current order heading into Eastern Europe for a customer who is working with the 6VDS48/42…

At QIN, we believe in supporting our customers and in turn their end-users throughout the lifetimes of all the engines which we are able to support them with. It is a very simple philosophy, and one which places our customers at the heart of all that we do.

So, whereas we know that others are looking to discontinue support for older engines from the likes of SKL and impose Last Time Buys on those who have bought from them previously, we will continue to support those who already come to QIN for rings for these engines and to welcome others still working with these engines who find their way to us now.

Within the Industriale files we also hold information on very many older rings from other engine builders who have long since stopped building engines. And where we do not have existing designs, we are always able to reverse-engineer compression rings or scraper rings for engines old and new from drawings or samples.

Whilst a large part of the work we do involves the supply of large-bore piston rings, be they modern compression rings with chrome ceramic coatings or energised oil scraper rings for marine and power applications, a good proportion of our work involves the supply of other types of rings for other applications – such as steam turbine sealing rings

Marine engine piston rings, locomotive piston rings, industrial piston rings, steam turbine sealing rings, power plant engine piston rings: we cover all these applications here at QIN across a bore range which extends from 160mm up to 600mm.

QIN’s support is always just a phone call or an email away.

Contact us now at websales@q-in.eu to find out more.


OEM names and models are listed purely as references for QIN products which are designed to be compatible with those engines.  Please note that we are not affiliated with or endorsed by the original equipment manufacturer.