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Whilst a large part of the work we do involves the supply of modern compression rings with chrome ceramic coatings and energised oil scraper rings for marine and power applications, a good proportion of our work involves the supply of other types of rings for other applications.

Amongst those applications can be found ring sets for compression applications, sealing rings for steam turbines, and piston rings destined for railway engines.

Some of the rail engine piston ring projects we get involved with see us drawing upon current technology to design highly technical piston rings for the low-emission locomotive engines of today and tomorrow. But there are still a lot of older locomotive engines out there, needing support throughout the remainder of their service lives.

One such project sees us currently manufacturing piston rings for an engine popular in the early 1990s which is still within widespread use around Asia. When contacted by the railway operator in question, we were able to check into the archives from our days as Industriale Piston Rings and see that we already knew all about this engine and the piston ring set it required.

The first of those rings are now hot off our production line and about to be packed for despatch. But we quickly popped a couple of them into our display cabinet to take a picture of them before they left us.

Marine engine piston rings, locomotive piston rings, industrial piston rings, steam turbine sealing rings, power plant engine piston rings: we cover all these applications here at QIN across a bore range which extends from 160mm up to 600mm.

If you’ve read this far, then you probably are in one of those sectors. So why not contact us at websales@q-in.eu to find out more about the technical and commercial benefits working with QIN can bring to your large-bore engine operations?